Our brewery began as a half joking conversation in the car on our way home from holiday, but steadily over time this half joking idea has turned into something we’re rather proud of.

After much planning and applying for licences and permissions from various parties we finally opened the brewery for business. For those of you wondering how the name came about; we are right on the banks of the big-swirling, mud-coloured, 1/3 of England draining River Humber, we thought it was only right to give a nod in that direction.

There is nothing quite the same as the aroma of a mash underway or a handful of crushed hops. It’s this love of fine food and drink that is the driving force behind everything we do at The Big River, indeed Mark the head brewer began his working life as a Chef cooking around the world.

All our beers are hand-made using the finest locally sourced ingredients, so local that one of our special ales is made using honey from our own bees. We think that it is this care and attention that makes our beers that little bit special. From our summer ale `Halcyon Daze` to our Autumn favourite `Big Red` and our ever expanding selection of seasonal specials, we hope you enjoy drinking our beer as much as we enjoy making it.